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The shoe styles

Women seem to be more concerned about the shoe styles available for wear to work than the style of the fashions that remain in the closet. Women will usually invest in several pairs of shoes for work because some days the business needs might require shoes that are dressy. Dress shoes are usually worn during business meetings with clients and for formal occasions where the shoe wearer would be expected to speak at an awards ceremony or a business charity event.

The fashions for work might dictate the type of fashion shoes that will be chosen for working environments. A woman who relies on a wardrobe arsenal that consists mainly of pant suits and a wide range of slacks, might rely on shoe styles that are less glamorous. Fashion wear such as pants and separate tops will usually require a woman to wear a shoe style that features a low heel. The woman might show a bit of individuality by wearing knee high stockings with these shoes styles for work instead of relying on the trustworthy socks in her sock drawer.

The type of work performed might also influence the styles of shoes worn at work. For office workers that sit hours at a time performing administrative tasks, the shoe style will typically be a loafer because these shoe styles for work are deemed to be the most comfortable. Loafers are available in a variety of materials but people turn back to vintage shoe styles and will often purchase the loafers in leather because they wear well and seem to last forever with an added benefit of never going out of style no matter how long the business person owns them.

For people that work in an industrial setting, the primary focus of the shoes worn in this environment is safety. The work environment might be greasy and grimy and the shoes styles worn would typically be coated with a grease resistant retardant. The safety features in shoes styles for work in an industrial environment always incorporate the use of steel reinforced toes because industrial settings are environments where many types of accidents can occur.

Some positions of authority might require people to remain on their feet for hours on end. Food service people will usually wear sneaker style shoes to work because these are the best shoes for tired and achy feet. The dirt and grease that accumulates throughout the day as waitresses wait on customers can be easily removed in the clothes washer at home because these shoes styles for restaurant work are considered to be machine washable. When wearing sneakers to work for hours the wearer should consider the type of arch system used in the manufacturing process because without this arch, many waitresses would not wear these shoe styles to work.

Exotic dancers require fancy shoes for wear to work because of the provocative nature of their job responsibilities. The high-heeled stiletto dress shoe is the most common style of shoes worn to work by any type of dancer because the slanted heel gives customers a better view of the shaping of the legs. A dancer will often have to remove these shoes after several hours at work because the slanted angles of the heels will also cause blisters and sore spots to form.
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